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Umpire Training Files and Links:

Are you looking to be a better umpire? Here are some helpful links for you to do some self-training. Remember, if you have any questions about anything you read here or that comes up in a game, your fellow umpires are always ready to lend a hand!

The Little League Umpire Resource Center: The official home of Little League Umpires everywhere. Find videos, trainings, situations and advice from senior umpires who have been around the bases a few times. An excellent resource!

The Little League Rules Index by Kevin Hunter: This is an exhaustive index of any phrase you can think of in the Little League Rule Book. It is not a bad thing to keep handy at the score table in case that one obscure rule comes up that you need to find quickly.

Little League Umpiring 101:Little League Umpiring was developed for new and beginning umpires (< 3 years experience) to help you learn quickly and have fun while doing it.

The Online Umpire Quiz: A fantastic online quiz that you can test your knowledge and learn more with a few minutes each quiz. Beware, this can be highly addicting and you will find your lunch hour won't be enough time to quench your hunger..

Batting Out of Order Flow Chart: A simple chart to a really confusing situation that has stumped the best of umpires.

Top 40 Baseball Rule Myths

ALLL Rules Memo 3.1: Umpires please check out this memo.